09 July 2019
These photos reminded me of a time from a bit ago. And initially I was going to write something else, but I feel like this is a little more special. Maybe special only to me, but I guess that’s what counts.

I had just began to really get to know Ben. We went to Ballona because he knew I’d appreciate it, and we drove til he found the spot he thought I’d like. We ended up walking a path, out onto a look out point, and I held up my camera steady in my hands and nervously took photos of someone who I was afraid to let love me. I’m not meaning to sound too dramatic about it, I just am being honest. I had bangs that were too short and we were looking over the railing watching the water ripple. Then we’re back in the truck and driving back and we both agree it would be awful to not watch the sunset. So we parked and walked down onto the beach, sat side by side, and watched the sunset. (It’s worth noting that I have seen more sunsets in the past few months than I can count) I remember feeling flighty and nervous. I remember talking too much and looking at someone who I could tell was listening very intently. I was being seen, and my brain was nothing but a deer in headlights and my eyes were trying to adjust.

So we still take walks, and escape to some weird and funny reality together where we’re seeing the same things and laughing quietly. Where I’m less flighty but still talk a lot.

These photos are from our most recent walk around the silver lake reservoir. But just for fun I’ll add a photo from balloon too.