Mt. Baldy

20 November 2021
My favorite thing lately is making lists. Making lists, and also revisiting old lists to see if anything might have gotten crossed out without even realizing it. Ben and I have two shared lists, 2020 fun and 2021 fun, recently we went through our notes to see how our expectations panned out–and that's how we decided to hike Mt. Baldy on a Friday morning.  We made our way straight up, 3.3-miles long with 2,350 feet of elevation gain. The highest point of the San Gabriel mountain range! We took a nap shortly after summiting, and watched crows coast in the winds above us. We took switchback trails alongside a cliffs edge, stopping to look at it all. There wasn't much sound other than the wind, perfection. 11 miles without much training was definitely a humbling experience, woof!

Our bodies are amazing things, I feel so grateful when I stop and remind myself that this walking machine of my flesh is kind enough to carry my spirit around. I feel so grateful when I remember that we can do whatever we want, like decide to get out of town and climb up a mountain, why not.