New moves

24 August 2020
some recent things I’ve written:

it’s nerve wracking for me to learn a new way to move my body, I’ve only been swimming in the ocean for 2 (generous) years

homeless ladies–and how when I see them my heart breaks in ways I’ve never really made peace with. How I hold my breath,  and I’m about to be in petty, and then the regular woman who stands at the corner gas station stops right in front of the car while walking across the street. We look at each other twice and then she stuck her tongue out at me and started laughing; yeah goddess’s are everywhere, duh.

the sun cures just about everything, the sun also does not give a single fuck, the sun says find new ways to get creative with your creature comforts- I can now say that I’m willing to wait 4 hours to get to ocean water, salt is left on my shoulders and my hair dries quick. I am the the bravest and the most beautiful version of myself when I walk some yards out on the sand and then swim out far, I float on my back, I listen to the rocks tumble beneathe me–the wave pulls me back and forth.

long, hand-rolled, cigarettes made by your lover

“sa ta na ma”